2008年5月28日 星期三

BMW Head-Up Display 車況抬頭顯示器

BMW Head-Up Display車況抬頭顯示器

Intelligent ergonomics for a superior driving experience - Head-Up Display projects important information directly in your line of sight. The virtual image is beamed onto the windscreen as a clear, easy-to-read image. Key driving information such as speed and navigation instructions can be seen more easily, without you needing to take your eyes from the road ahead.

BMW vehicles with Head-Up Display can be recognised by a small square depression on the dashboard. This contains a projector and a system of mirrors that beams an easy-to-read, high-contrast image onto a translucent film on the windscreen, directly in your line of sight. The image, measuring around 18 x 10 cm, is projected in such a way that it appears to be about two metres away, above the tip of the bonnet, making it particularly comfortable to read.

The sophisticated projector - which uses an individually managed transistor for each pixel - enables you to see the vehicle speed, navigation directions, values from Check Control and the Active Cruise Control systems without needing to take your eyes from the road.

This makes it easier to maintain vehicle speed below the legal speed limit, as you always know exactly how fast you are travelling. Using the navigation system, too, becomes significantly easier, as the arrows indicating the recommended direction are immediately visible in your natural line of sight.

Head-Up Display halves the time it takes for eyes to shift focus from road to the instruments and back, dramatically reducing the risk of not seeing the sudden illumination of brake lights of the car ahead, or an unexpected obstacle. Driving at night, too, becomes significantly less fatiguing for the eyes.