2008年8月5日 星期二

BMW Dynamic Brake Control DBC 動態煞車輔助系統

BMW Dynamic Brake Control DBC 動態煞車輔助系統

When, in an emergency, you apply the brake pedal quickly and with force but without really further increasing brake pressure, Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) instantly builds up maximum brake pressure, bringing your BMW more quickly to a halt.

Even when the driver fails to press on the brake pedal with adequate force, DBC ensures the braking distance will be a short as possible. The DBC control unit adjusts braking pressure to suit the current speed of the vehicle and the brake's level of wear. Furthermore, the DBC computer is networked with the vehicle's other chassis control systems, such as Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and the anti-lock brake system (ABS), which work together to ensure the highest levels of driving safety.

Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) supports the driver actively and reliably when braking in an emergency. By electronically monitoring the speed and pressure with which the driver applies the brake pedal, it is able to recognise an emergency braking situation - and instantly ensures that full braking power is applied to the wheels. This automatically puts the brake force into the ABS range of control.

This process ensures that the stopping distance is not lengthened unnecessarily by abrupt braking. Whether the driver applies the brakes quickly or slowly, the system responds to the driver's actions automatically and ends brake pressure buildup via DBC.