2008年11月22日 星期六

Electric power steering 電能輔助動力方向盤 (EPS)

The electric power steering system makes driving your BMW vehicle even more of a dynamic, responsive experience. The actual level of force applied in turning the steering wheel is precisely measured, and the steering behaviour of the vehicle instantly adjusted to suit the situation. This ensures you enjoy more direct steering. The high-performance Sports mode takes this experience to an even higher level.

Although hydraulic steering systems are used very often in automobiles, electric power steering is becoming more and more widespread. This system offers the benefits of greater fuel efficiency, thanks to its ability to supply its own energy needs according to the current driving conditions, and less tyre wear. In addition, the system requires less space than an hydraulic system, and is remarkably low-maintenance.
Electric power steering delivers a highly flexible, individual steering dynamic. A torque sensor measures the force that the driver is applying to the steering wheel, and adjusts the vehicle's steering characteristics to suit the situation. This ensures a more immediate and direct sports driving experience. A press on the "Sports" mode button enhances this further with an even more sporting steering style.